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Welcome to my web page!

I'm so glad you took the time to visit.

Here you can learn about my Hawaiian romances, my cozy mysteries, or more about me. I also share some of my quilts, several of which are featured in my novels.

I'll direct you to some fun links - links to help you learn more about writing, quilts, Hawaii, Scottsdale, and more.

I'd love to hear from you. Contact me and share your thoughts about my books and quilts. I love to hear from my fans as they make writing worth while.

Annette Mahon

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Slay Bells, A St. Rose Quilting Bee Mystery

Slay Bells

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Slay Bells, a St. Rose Quilting Bee Mystery

Christmas is approaching, but it doesn’t look like a good one for the St. Rose parishioners. First Kathy Romelli and her son are murdered in
their home. Before the Quilting Bee can recover from that devastating loss, Clare is frightened half to death by an attempted carjacking. Is it related to the thefts of items from parked cars also plaguing the area? And what about the parishioner charged with creating a Ponzi scheme?

Just as the Quilting Bee think they have discovered the culprit, their favorite suspect is found dead of an apparent suicide.

And amid all the mayhem, the parish’s resident Mr. and Mrs. Santa are rallying the Senior Guild members to participate in a Secret Santa luncheon and gift exchange.

Maggie is wishing for quiet sessions discussing holiday gifts and recipes, not puzzling out murder cases. Will the Quilting Bee ever discover what happened to Kathy and her son?

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SinC Desert Sleuths WriteNow! Conference


Slay Bells Slay Bells
Sue Grafton and I--the founder of SinC, with me, a founding member of the local chapter. A photo of the local authors at the signing.

For additional photos, please visit my gallery page.